Super Bowl LVI and Bengals Q&A

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Can’t get enough Cincinnati Bengals content this week? It’s okay, neither can we. We’ve got you covered with our very first social media Q&A. You ask, we answer.

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Question: How do we stop the Rams’ defensive line?

Logan: Well, to be honest with you, we don’t. The Bengals are going to try and do everything to limit it and make it a non-factor, though. Zac Taylor, Brian Callahan and most importantly Joe Burrow are aware of the threat the Rams’ pass rush poses. I expect screen passes and a ton of pre-snap movement from Ja’Marr Chase and Tyler Boyd to keep the Rams defense looking everywhere but at Joe Burrow.

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Question: What are the chances this is Joe Burrow’s only Super Bowl appearance?

Logan: That’s the beauty of this whole thing, isn’t it? Getting to this game is never guaranteed, even if it seems like Joe Burrow is just getting started. If anyone could pull off what Tom Brady did, everyone would. I am of the opinion though, however, that if the Bengals’ play their cards right, this will be first of many in the next 12-15 years. Let’s just focus on the Rams for now and enjoy the present for what it is.

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Question: What is the realistic time for the Bengals current Super Bowl window?

Logan: This is a tricky question because to me, it started this year when we all expected Joe Burrow to make that second year leap. Of course there were times when I was higher on this team than other times and vice versa. But with a QB like Joe Burrow and the guys across the league that are going to want to play here with him for a long time, I think we can dumb this down to another question – how long will Joe Burrow play football in Cincinnati? I think that’s your answer. 

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Question: Besides Joe Burrow, who would you say are the biggest x-factors?

Logan: A guy who I feel like has been the heart and soul of this team on defense is Mike Hilton. And it just so happens he’ll be tasked with coverage on the man who just came 18 yards shy of breaking the all time receiving record. If he can give Cooper Kupp problems, the Rams become a lot easier to stop. On the flip side, it’s Tyler Boyd. It seems fitting that the longest-tenured WR for the Bengals makes big plays for them on the big stage, especially against a nickel corner and LB room that he should be able to exploit. 

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Question: What’s your score prediction?

Logan: 27-24 Bengals. I give my full breakdown here.

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