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New Stadium, New Signings, and a New Start for FC Cincinnati

Spring is here, and that means the return of Cincinnati’s favorite past time – sports. Spring 2021 brings us a renewed hope in full stadiums, unparalleled fan support and, hopefully, more winning. But spring 2021 also brings Cincinnati a new milestone to add to their history – the opening of West End Stadium.

West End Stadium is the soccer specific for FC Cincinnati, over two years in the making. FC Cincinnati burst into the USL scene in 2016 with a modest opening. By 2017, the name would be recognized across the entire soccer world. Ownership used that momentum to lock down an expansion franchise with Major League Soccer.

After a long 2020 that saw FC Cincinnati at the bottom of the table for the second year in a row, supporters are weary but hopeful. The club has signed two players that have left supporters feeling hopeful. Brenner Souza da Silva is a young Brazilian international from São Paulo FC with exciting attacking potential. The newest Designated Player for the club is Luciano (Lucho) Acosta, from Argentina.

Brenner will add much needed depth to FCC’s attacking potential. In his last 39 appearances for São Paulo FC, Brenner scored 21 goals. Brenner is also the first Brazilian player to be recruited by a MLS club. Lucho Acosta comes to FCC from Liga MX by way of DC United. Acosta is widely known as one of the top attacking midfielders in MLS. In 2018, Acosta finished the season as an MLS Best XI selection; he had the second highest goals and assists among all MLS players.

If the last two FCC seasons taught supporters anything, it’s that the club is in desperate need of players who can score – Brenner and Acosta easily fit the bill. While most of us are probably watching with a weary eye, the familiar feeling in the pit of our stomachs reminding us of the history of Cincinnati sports, a trickle of hope sneaks its way through. Is it possible to keep our expectations realistic while still being excited by the talent and potential the new signings bring to our city? Absolutely.

West End Stadium brings about a new beginning that FCC desperately needs. It brings a chance to show that past performances don’t have to influence future possibilities. Supporters are eager for the May 16th home opener against Inter Miami FC. It has been almost a year and a half since the club has played in front of their supporters at home. Brenner and Lucho, among with all of the other new players that the FCC technical staff have been integral in signing during the off season, have no idea what awaits them when they take the pitch for the first time.

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