Best and Worst Draft Picks for the Bengals

Knowing who’s the best and worst pick just a week after the NFL Draft is essentially advanced guessing. No one has played an NFL down yet. The way this works is I will make the decisions based off my scouting report, where the Bengals took them, and other players still available.

Worst Pick – Jackson Carman

Expected this? I’d imagine so. While it was beautiful to see the Bengals take an offensive lineman, the player they took wasn’t so great. Carman isn’t a bad player by any means, the value of the pick just wasn’t great. Like many analyst, I had a 3rd round grade on Carman. Taking him at 48 was a reach. On top of that, there were better options available, such as Dillon Radnuz and Same Cosmi. Carman should be the starting right guard day 1. He’s athletic, but not very technical. Frank Pollack is a great offensive line coach, so that will be great for Carman. However, none of that changes that this was the Bengals worst pick.

Best Pick – Joseph Ossai 

After the Bengals made their worst pick, they made their best pick in Joseph Ossai. Ossai, nicknamed the “Nigerian Monster”, was a steal for the Bengals at pick 69 (nice). Ossai was projected early 2nd, and the Bengals got him a round later than expected. Despite signing Trey Hendrickson, defensive end was a big need. Carl Lawson was great at pressuring the quarterback. That is what Ossai is great at. Ossai has a high motor, is athletic, and has a variety of pass rush moves. He is exactly what the Bengals needed, and got him at amazing value.

In hindsight, the best and worst pick of the 2021 draft for the Bengals could be completely different. For all we know, Carman can one day be one of the best guards in the league. However, we are going off our personal scouting reports and opinions. Who do  you think was the best and worst pick for the Bengals?

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