Reds to offer $10 tickets for fans with COVID-19 vaccine cards

The Cincinnati Reds are doing their bit to promote the use of the vaccine against COVID-19. So much so, that the team has announced that they will be providing fans who have had the vaccine with a significant discount on game day tickets.

As reported by Jon Morosi of the MLB network, the Reds have recently announced that they will be offering “$10 tickets to fans who show COVID-19 Vaccination Card at the Great American Ball Park ticket windows with at least one shot completed.” The promo will reportedly run for two months (April and May) and will be valid for games scheduled between Mondays and Thursdays.

While this initiative has been praised by the majority, it also isn’t surprising that this move has been met quite critically by some. The COVID-19 vaccine has become a truly polarizing issue not only in the United States but throughout the globe as well. There are more than a few folks out there that are not in favor of getting vaccinated, and they are not shy about making their feelings known about it. Not even huge organizations such as the Cincinnati Reds are immune to this dispute.

Take for instance the Boston Celtics of the NBA. Team general manager and president Danny Ainge recently made the revelation that some of his own players have refused to get vaccinated. As an organization, the Celtics are not in a position to impose the vaccine on any of its players (or employees) given that it is a human rights issue. At the end of the day, people’s own beliefs will lead them to their own personal decision on whether or not they want to get vaccinated or not.

Nevertheless, this debate does not prevent the Reds from incentivizing the vaccine. It might garner some negative publicity for them, but at least we all know which side of the fence the franchise is sitting on.

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